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For professional electrical safety services in Tullamarine, Essendon and across Melbourne, you can’t go past the team at Hede Electrics. With more than 40 years’ experience in the industry, our licensed electricians know what it takes to keep your home and business safe from electrical hazards.

From testing and tagging through to emergency light testing, our electrical safety services team keeps your property and workers safe and ensures your business is compliant with industry regulations and standards.

Our electrical safety services include all aspects of commercial and domestic electrical maintenance across Melbourne and rural Victoria.

Thermal imaging

Infrared thermal imaging is the best preventative maintenance tool to protect your property or business from electrical fault or fire. This non-destructive electrical testing uses a thermal imaging camera to detect potential electrical faults in switchboards, appliances and equipment before they develop.

Loose connections, overloads and loads out of balance can lead to unwanted electricity consumption and cost your business money. Our infrared camera surveys and quickly detects hotspots and areas susceptible to faults.

Each client receives an on-the-spot report ranking all findings as low, medium or high priority in needing to be fixed. Our electrical contractors can advise the issues needing urgent attention and complete the required electrical maintenance.

When used as part of a regular preventative maintenance program, thermal imaging provides considerable long-term savings for your business.

Red phase heavily overloaded
  • Circuit showing red phase heavily overload and out of balance
  • Repair/recommendation: balance switchboard by shifting load to white and blue phases
• Cables heavily loaded and drawing maximum current
  • Cables heavily loaded and drawing maximum current
  • Repair/recommendation: upsize cables or reduce load
• Cable supplying Air Handling Unit rated at 75 degrees. Measured using thermal imaging camera at temp of 103 degrees (as per marker)
  • Cable supplying Air Handling Unit rated at 75 degrees. Measured using thermal imaging camera at temp of 103 degrees (as per marker)

Electrical testing and tagging

Testing and tagging your portable electrical appliances and equipment provides the extra level of safety your business requires. Our electrical safety services team uses the latest equipment to test each of your appliances in less than one minute and print a tag onsite.

Hede Electrics tests all equipment to Australian Standards AS/NZS:3760 – ensuring your staff are handling equipment that meets the highest standards of safety and your business complies with the Occupational Health and Safety Act of 2004, for maximum peace of mind.

We provide electrical testing and tagging services to a variety of commercial and industrial businesses, including:

  • building sites
  • offices
  • factories and workshops
  • schools.

After testing is completed, we provide you with an electronic copy of  your electrical testing results, including residual-current device (RCD) testing and trip times.

You can also ask our Tullamarine electricians about custom electrical tagging logos, providing a simple, cost-effective way to identify your equipment – especially when using your tools on a busy worksite. Hede Electrics aims to give your business the professional edge over your competition.


Emergency light testing and maintenance

Exit signs and emergency lighting is an essential service in your building. Emergency light testing is required every six months to comply with Australian Standards AS2293.2. All light testing results must be documented in an onsite register.

Electrical emergency light testing and maintenance ensures a safe exit from your building – especially in fires or other emergencies where mains power is affected.

Our commercial electricians can perform all required tests on your exit and emergency lighting systems including:

  • operating the emergency lighting system on mains supply
  • operating the emergency lighting system on battery supply, ensuring all fittings remain illuminated for the minimum 90 minutes
  • replacing any defective lamps
  • replacing any defective batteries or batteries that do not maintain power to light for the required 90 minutes
  • cleaning all signs in accordance with Australian Standards guidelines
  • completing the onsite emergency lighting logbook with all details of test results and any repairs made
  • replacing old or ageing emergency light fittings with new, long-life LED (light emitting diode) lights.

Using long-life LED lights and new advances in battery charging technology helps businesses improve energy efficiency. Choose high-quality emergency lights containing long-life LEDs for reduced bi-annual repairs and maintenance costs.

Switchboard maintenance and upgrades

The switchboard is the backbone of your commercial or domestic electrical system, responsible for protecting your property, more importantly, its occupants.

We can undertake all forms of switchboard work including:

  • Switchgear upgrades – replacing fuses and circuit breakers with RCDs (safety switches)
  • Switchboard replacement –replacing your whole switchboard with a new, modern and compliant switchboard
  • RCD installations – adding an RCD to the switchboard to prevent electric shock
  • Switchboard and meter upgrades
  • RCD (safety switch) testing.

RCDs must be checked periodically for correct operation in commercial electrical installations and to comply with site-specific Australian Standards for schools, hospitals and building sites.

More common in commercial installations and mandatory in many site specific Australian Standards such as Schools, Hospitals and Building Sites, your RCDs must be checked periodically for correct operation.

Each RCD can be tested in only a few seconds and a detailed document for every device can be issued on the spot for compliance purposes. Our electricians also provide a test indication sticker to be attached to your switchboard, clearly identifying a pass and the date the device was tested.

Please contact us for more information about RCDs and electrical safety, or read Energy Safe Victoria’s ‘Safety Switches Save Lives’.

If you require additional information or have any questions about our electrical services please don’ t hesitate to get in touch.

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