Our team of electrical contractors specialises in commercial and domestic energy efficiency services across Tullamarine, Essendon and throughout Melbourne.

Energy audits

Hede Electrics’ domestic electricians perform energy audits at your home, determining the watts being used and how installing newer, energy-efficient lighting and appliances can reduce your bills and save you money.

Energy-efficient LED lighting

LED lighting has developed to become the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly lighting for homes, offices and commercial applications, including flood lighting in and around factories.

Our residential electricians in Tullamarine recommend LED lights as the best choice for homeowners. We can install new LEDs on your premises or recommend upgrading your existing lights for LEDs. While older halogen lights last an average of 5 000 hours, energy-efficient LED lights boast a 25-year life expectancy with general, everyday use.

Switching to LED lighting has impressive energy efficiency benefits, including:

  • cost savings – LED lights use up to 85 per cent less electricity than other forms of lighting
  • low-maintenance – with a lamp life of up to 50 000 hours, LED downlights are often available with at least 5-year manufacturers’ guarantees
  • low running temperatures of just 70 degrees ensure minimal home temperature increase, saving on cooling costs in summer. Older halogen lights can run as hot as 370 degrees.

Our commercial maintenance electricians can also upgrade your emergency lighting to long-life LED lights to reduce maintenance costs.

Power Quality Analyser hire

Why are my power bills so high?
What appliances in my house are causing our bills to be so high?
Do we have the capacity for a new large electrical item or appliance in our property?
What is causing our switchboard to overload?
What time of day is our switchboard at its highest demand?
What is causing the constant tripping of our circuit breaker?

If you have ever found yourself asking any of these questions, the hire and installation of a Power Quality Analyser (PQA) is the best place to start.

A PQA connects to the incoming mains cable in your switchboard, and instantly records collected data to memory – just like a report card for your electrical installation. The device measures minimum and maximum electrical current, voltage and wattage, high demand periods, switchboard loads, peaks, electrical interference and much more. All data is stored on an internal memory system. At the end of the recording period, the data is transferred into a report outlining all the useful information that is required to achieve your desired results.

Our residential and commercial electricians use PQA report data to improve energy output and reduce your bills.

Please contact us for more information, and take a look at our case study below.

Case study

A bakery with a large commercial oven contacted our commercial electricians, wishing to purchase an additional baking oven. Well aware that the main switchboard at the site was very close to full capacity, a Power Quality Analyser was connected to the switchboard and left recording all electrical trends for seven days.

At the end of the recording period, the PQA was removed from site and all the stored data uploaded into software to calculate the loads recorded. We presented a report with our findings to the business owners, concluding a smaller 15 Amp oven could be installed on a portion or phase of the switchboard where capacity was available.

Using the PQA, our electricians established that the installation of the oven on any other portion of the main switchboard would have caused an overload and loss of power to the whole premises if both ovens were to operate at the same time – saving the bakery costly downtime and maintenance.

If you require additional information or have any questions about our electrical services please don’ t hesitate to get in touch.

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